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Legislative Framework for Call Recording

The legal requirements for call recording are different for every country. Please make sure to research the legislative framework for call recording in your country prior to the purchase of a call recording solution.


Your solution for concluding legally binding contracts via the telephone.

Recording certain phone calls is useful in many situations: To provide definite proof for agreements, for the purpose of improving the service and documentation, for the optimization of processes.

Our OfficeMaster CallRecording portfolio offers professional and reliable solutions for call recording. The different hardware and software components allow you to record calls – simple, legally watertight and utilizing your existing communication solution.

Your solution for optimizing phone calls

The real-time functions of OM CallRecording allow you to conveniently check the current status of all lines. You can also listen to live calls and manually start recordings. When required, only the calling party or the called party can be recorded.

The built-in “Call Browser” allows you to search, play, send, archive and delete recordings. Last but not least, OM CallRecording also offers important security functions like password protection and encoded storage of the recordings.

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